AMAGT Trading is one of the leading trading companies in Middle East focusing to MENA Region. It has laid a solid foundation as a distinguished international trading company. We grow and develop and are now a well-established trading company. We have advanced trade links and sub-dealership in African countries that enable us to compete in global trading of our business activities. We are dedicated to delighting our customers and have a reputation of responsiveness and personal service.


We have a portable generator, cutting tools, air compressor, solar lighting tower, solar lights and solar pumps, and we manufacture and build PVC hose handling equipment, hose reels and pump spool trailer.


We have a huge stock of GI pipes, DI Pipes and fitting of dewatering, firefighting and air compressors like lay flat hose, suction hose, Bauer couplings, Miller couplings, Stores coupling, GI flange, Brass air fittings.

Waste Management Products

We handle Trash bins, skips, bin washer, self- compressed portable compactor, customized plastic bins, and portable bin compactor with weighing machine.