Our approach to creativity in marketing, research into the needs of the customer, energy audit, product customization, product upgrading to improve customer activity. We design and make the customer requirement readable and help to procure the right technology. Hokstone integration is a good platform to showcase student’s innovative thoughts and we give shapes to their thoughts. We focus on rural areas in South East Asian countries,encouraging people toutilize the renewable clean energy by conducting seminars and free recycling plant probability studies.

Let Customers Speak

We actively involved in design, manufacture, installation and technical training of customized equipment, performance, energy conservation, long term expertise, with least shutdown time.Our training service is designed to train each client on proper equipment and help them to properly define and fix problems that may arise during the operational process of equipment.

Let technology reach the hand

We help deliver the products to the right by a strong marketing network, and we market innovative products from Europe, USA and Japan. Our partner has much diversity to cooperate with us in our creative marketing and customer interaction, sales, income, sales team leads and brand awareness. We help construction companies get on the market.

Get power form stream

Hokstone work with rural formers to get power from small streams to use either directly as electrically to power home appliances or to boost water pressure for irrigation sprinkler the advantages to hydro power are immense. Unlike solar and wind, hydro is stable and continuous throughout a season, which means that you never have to worry that your generator will not be able to give your home a power.

Waste management through recycling idea

Target for creating jobs, strengthening the community for the environment, and solving the supply / demand problem needed for specialized equipment in the undeveloped areas. We do this by training members of the local community to utilize up to 100% of the highest demand and reproduction of waste products. These goods can be sold at an affordable price, profit can be reinvested in the newly formed microfinance, which generates a growing business that will eventually meet the wide demands of the region. We never stop researching to advances the recycling technology to conserve as much of our resources as possible. This is the most challenging task of reproduction, which shifts from the separation from the junks to a wonderful product.

In-house mini power station

We work associated with solar and windmill companies to market small home based power station by conducting quick economic feasibility study based on geography and many other relevant factors and conducting seminars coordinating with local government bodies for the people living in rural areas where the in-house power station is more feasible. We walk with them to make understand the payback year and help them to keep green for next generation.